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“The EarthCache platform provides us with the most appropriate high resolution optical imagery available within the timeframe required. It therefore ensures the fastest turn-around of high resolution optical satellite data that is required for the monitoring of large energy infrastructures.” 

Marco Betting

Managing Director, Orbital Eye


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Higher Impact Asset Monitoring

With images up to 7.5 cm resolution, sensors with rapid and flexible revisit, and new spectral bands, you can keep a close eye on high-value assets, detecting change and yielding actionable insights.

Easily task and acquire SAR data from EarthCache-X with minimal latency to quickly respond to unplanned events. Monitor changes day or night, rain or shine and with  accuracy and coherence.  

Timely Risk Mitigation and 
Damage Detection 

Scope for feasibility, track easement properties, identify mining activities, surveil protected areas, and monitor restoration initiatives with flexibility to scale from lower resolutions to higher as needed all in one platform.

Simplified Site Assessments

Increase the accuracy of urban maps and digital twins with 7.5 cm aerial data. Access highly accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) or generate new DEMs with stereo imaging. Keep urban plans precise and up-to-date by assessing change with building footprint data.

Precise Urban Mapping and Planning

Multiple Providers

Get instant access to one of the largest networks of satellite imagery providers in the world. SkyWatch is continually adding new data partners so you can have higher chances of getting images that meet your needs when you use EarthCache.

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You won’t need to worry about lengthy sales processes, minimum volume commitments, and data license agreements. Just log in, search for your images, and buy what you need while only paying for the images that you use.

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We pride ourselves on working with companies of all sizes. Our team of experts goes above and beyond to understand your geospatial needs and help you achieve your goals.